Version 1.2 changelog

Happy Halloween, y’all! No tricks: here’s the changelog of v1.2, released today.

I’m adding to this list everything new since InForm beta 8, since that was the last public feature update (see video).

New features:

  • New binding feature for controls – bind controls’ properties so they affect each other at runtime automatically.
  • New .BypassSelectOnFocus for TextBox controls.
  • [Windows] You can now drag a picture onto the form you’re editing to add a PictureBox control.
  • Added option to check for updates on demand (UiEditor).
  • Added new development channel to enable receiving beta updates automatically.
  • Added ability to set a Mask() for labels, following PRINT USING rules.
  • The built-in VGA font is now selectable in the font list.
  • ProgressBar controls can now have multi-line captions (with the SetCaption method, by using \n as a new line indicator).


  • Controls can no longer get focus if they are in a hidden container.
  • Hides blinking cursor in TextBox controls if the window is not active.
  • Forms with GIF images with the AutoPlay setting are now properly loaded into the editor.
  • Fixes “Division by zero” errors that occurred when manipulating an empty ListBox or DropdownList control.
  • Fixes an error that would keep the font list stuck in TextBox mode when using built-in fonts.
  • Adjusts communication between UiEditor and UiEditorPreview so they don’t timeout in some Linux distros.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented loading forms with controls in frames.
  • Fixes a bug that wouldn’t allow a user to “Retry” downloading when using the Setup or Updater.
  • Fixes TextBox controls crashing programs when getting focus in some scenarios.

4 thoughts on “Version 1.2 changelog”

  1. I’m having trouble downloading the 1.2 version of InForm. I get the error stating that the FALCON.h*** file failed. Why is this happening?

    1. Hi, Chuck. I just replied to your email too. Could it be some local firewall setting preventing access from your machine to our website?

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