InForm’s up!

Back in September I started working on a GUI prototype.

Another one, you just thought. I know the feeling.

A very frequent request from any community of BASIC programmers is for a working GUI, a decent framework, a way to quickly have an interface up so you can focus on code, actual functionality.

However, it is also a tradition amongst BASIC programmers to keep constantly trying to reinvent the wheel. Maybe the pleasure resides in the achievement of a well-known paradigm in BASIC! See, ma? I click it and it works!

I kept seeing the reinvented wheels, even in early alpha stages, and thinking hey, this is awesome! How do we start creating new programs with it? And the answer was always a bunch of complicated instructions that required me to learn a whole new language of its own so I could “design” a form. That is, (i) imagine it, (ii) throw a lot of coordinates into code and (iii) see if it ended up where I expected it to (iv) repeat until exhausted. That just didn’t feel right.

InForm was born out of all of those initial urges. However, unlike most projects out there, it’s just gotten to see the light in full glory. Yeah, it’s a beta, but I’ve worked my fingertips off for the past months to get it to a working state, so that I wouldn’t release a half-baked product, but a working GUI, a decent framework, a way to quickly have an interface up so you can focus on code, actual functionality.

And today I have the pleasure of sharing it with you, so you can test the bits out of it and let me know where it can be improved.

It’s all open source and this initial release uses Windows XP’s imagery to display controls on the main window surface.

A proof of concept is that InForm was created using InForm. How cool is that?

Thanks for your interest! I’m looking forward to your feedback.


4 thoughts on “InForm’s up!”

  1. Fellippe,
    As I have “borrowed” help from you several times on the QB64.NET forums, I never ceased to be amazed at the quick replies with helpful answers there. I have tried out codewatch? there also.
    This is a whole new paradigm in looking at the usefulness of QB64. It is really great to see a project that was obviously worked on for an extended period of time come to fruition. Great job!

    PS. Your profile on QB64.NET says that you are from Brazil. Listening to your narrations on Youtube, I was wondering where you learned to speak English so well. You could teach a thing or two to some people I know here in Pennsylvania!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, notemeal! I hope you find InForm useful (and I hope vWATCH64 was useful as well!).

      I learned English at languages schools here in Brazil, and I went on to become a teacher! Maybe I’ll open a branch of my school there one day!

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